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Le Cornouaille hotel organizes a exhibition with the artists Colomina et Armelle GH

The Galerie Maner and Le Cornouaille hotel are working together in 2018 with a new exhibition


Jorge Colomina and Armelle GH will present a part of their collection at Le Cornouaille hotel

Armelle GH

Born in France 30 October 1965 Applied Arts Studies of Poitiers.
Graphic designer by training, I worked in a communication agency as graphic designer and then artistic director. Armelle stills practice this job in parallel with her artistic work in her own workshop. These aretwo complementary axes that nourish my creativity. Armelle likes changing media and engaging in a variety of artistic and visual experiences. She goes easily from pencil to brush through the graphic tablet and other tools of her manufacture.

The tablet allows me mixtures drawings and pictures that she realized and composition become partners in a staggered creations, original, metaphorical, often marked strong messages or emotions. These different modes of expression give her work research tracks in constant evolution.

She feels close and inspired by many different artists like Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Jackson Pollock, Klimt, through Magritte, and closer to us, Shepard Fairey and others.





Armellegh atelier



Jorge was born in Alcoy, Spain.
His family escaped Francoist Spain and settled down in Paris in 1963.

Since an early age, he has shown his passion for drawing and painting. A paint brush in his hand, he spends hours practicing drawing, painting and sketching. His hard work paid off and Jorge became a full time artist in his 30’s.

Self taught, he found inspiration in the Art of Picasso, Miro, Cezanne and Matisse … He researches their works trying to find his own style made of vibrant colors that reflect a man’s life, passion and emotions. Colomina painting style can be described as “Figurative Abstraction”.



 Colomina artiste