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For the 14th edition, Benodet organizes free concerts. Discover the program:

- 14 July 2016
Breton dances followed by the famous breton music band "Bagad de Vannes" and a Fest Noz to try the breton dance with locals.

- 22 July 2016
Les P’Tits yeux followed by Trottoir d'en face (French band)

- 29 July 2016
Likesberry, a French singer followed by Debout sur le zink, a band with influences from traditional French music and Irish music, rock, klezmer, and many styles that are considered dance hall music, such as gypsy jazz, tango, waltz.

- 5 August 2016
Goulven K, French cellist followed by Julian Perretta, an English singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for his songs "Miracle" and "Wonder Why", the latter of which was the first single released from his 2011 debut album Stitch Me Up.

- 15 August 2016
Aziliz Manroe followed by Soldat Louis. Soldat Louis are a French rock group originally from Lorient, who mix the traditional music of Brittany with typical rock music instruments - electric and acoustic guitar, drum kit, etc. - as well as the traditional bagpipes (biniou braz in Breton) and bombard.